The Art of Effective Parenting
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Roger T. Ames
Title or Co.: Prof. of Chinese Philosophy, Univ of HI
City: Honolulu, Hawaii USA
In this slim yet brimming volume, Shirley Yuen brings the distilled values of the ages to guide us in our awesome, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming responsibility of being effective parents.
Bobbie Sandoz Merrill
Title or Co.: Author of Parachutes for Parents
Shirley Yuen personally embodies the three virtues she shares with her children and encourages other parents to do the same. Precious treasure comes to those who are willing to take this new and unique path that leads to surprisingly effective results.
Aileen Deese
Title or Co.: Director of Prevent Child Abuse
City: Honolulu, HI USA
This book will open your eyes and your heart and will take you down many paths that you may never have traveled
Helen P. Young
Title or Co.: Associate Scholar, Stanford University
City: Standford, CA USA
Yuen helps western parents practice the Confucian art of self-cultivation while raising children within the context of Western society. As she describes her mistakes and the work she did to correct them, she gives insight into how she leaned to be a better parent with rare honesty and humor.

Russle Hata
City: Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Insightful, easy to understand and powerful.
Emmie Anderson
City: Aiea, Hawaii USA
Shirley Yuen's 3-step Approach is the best parenting tool I have encountered thus far. It is simple to understand and easy to apply.

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